A new Restaurant is about to open at Hartlepool Marina, Buon Cibo, Meaning delicious food.

The owner Birol Cert told us hes been wanting to open a place at the Marina for years, His dream has finally come true. Hes gone into partmership with a top italian chef from York, Tuncay Kocu. Tuncay says hes excited to bring his unique cooking style to Hartlepool. A spokesman for Mandale has said , These are exciting times at Hartlepool Marina with the opening of new bars and restaurants,Its moving with the times. It shows that the Marina is still a popular place for visitors.




Halfords Portrack

The Mandale Group have commenced work on a new Halfords Auto Centre. The new centre is being constructed at there Portrack development site. This new centre for Halfords is opposite B&Q, Carpetright and Portrack Trade park, The home of Screwfix, Greggs and many more.…

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Very Very close to being finished. The new Halfords Auto centre is to be handedover to Halfords so they can commence there internal fitting out works. The handover is likely to be Monday 22nd April. The New centre should be operational by the end…

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