Past Developments For Mandale Group

Development Gallery

Browse through some of our previous developments and get a feel for the quality built in to every Mandale home.

Larch House, Kingswinford

Larch House in the borough of Dudley was a renovated office space and features 67 one and two bedroom apartments. Completed in 2019.

Albert House, Halifax

Completed in 2018, Albert House in Halifax comprised 28 one and two bedroom apartments.

Park Rise, Trafford

Park Rise consisted of 96 stunning one, two and three bedroom apartments in Trafford, Manchester. Completed in 2018.

Robert’s House, Altrincham

Located in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, Robert’s House features a range of duplex living as well as one bedroom apartments. Completed in 2018.

Metropolitan House, Trafford

Metropolitan House consisted of 81 one and two bedroom apartments located in the borough of Trafford in Manchester. Completed in 2018.

Chad House, Gateshead

A collection of 90 one and two bedroom apartment in Gateshead, 2018.

Irving House, Forest Hall

Our regenerated cladding project in Forest Hall features twenty 1 & 2 bedroom fantastic apartments above a retail complex.

Biwater house, Heywood

Completed in 2017, Biwater House in Heywood features 59 one and two bedroom apartments.

Edward house, Stockport

Completed in 2017, Edward House comprises thirty 1 & 2 bedrooms apartments.

Halford, Stockton

Halfords, Stockton. A purpose build building, complete in 2013.

Kirkley Lodge, Newcastle

Kirkley Lodge in Newcastle was a development of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Refurbished in 2010.

Falcon Court, Stockton

Falcon Court, Stockton. A pavilion of offices covering 215,000sq.ft of space. Started construction in 2008.

Onyx House, Stockton

Onyx House, Stockton, was a purpose built high-quality office space. Approximately 18,000sq.ft with 24,000sq.ft of storage, Onyx House was completed in 2008 and stood as Mandale’s Head Office for many years.

Forth Banks, Newcastle

Forth Banks was a new build construction of a 13 storey building comprising of 37 apartments and 44,000sq.ft. of office space. Completed in 2007.

Portrack Trade Park, Stockton

Portrack Trade Park, Stockton. A mix of modern trade park units consisting of 60,000sq.ft of trade park space and a Greggs retail outlet. Completed in 2007.

Hanover Mill, Newcastle

Hanover Mill in Newcastle upon Tyne was a redevelopment and conversion of a derelict mill into 144 apartments % 6,000sq.ft. of commercial space. Completed in 2006.

West One, Newcastle

West One, Newcastle. A Grade A office development in the heart of Newcastle. Completed in 2006.

Rialto, Stockton

Rialto, Stockton. Purpose built student accommodation consisting of 388 bedrooms for a large student operator. Completed in 2006.

City Peaks, Newcastle

City Peaks, constructed in 2006, 38 purpose built apartments with underground car parking on the Ouseburn, Newcastle.

Low Street, Sunderland

Low Street, Sunderland. 92 purpose built apartments completed in 2006.

Seaton Carew

Seaton Carew. Purpose built coffee shops and restaurants, etc. Overlooking the sea, approximately 11,000 sq.ft. Completed in 2006.

Belmont, Durham

Belmont, Durham. Originally the LG TV factory, this 34 acre site was redeveloped into 55,000sq.ft of modern pavilion offices. There is still another 30 acres to develop, or 100,000sq.ft of offices and 100,000sq.ft of storage facilities.

Ahlux House, Leeds

Ahlux House, Leeds. New build apartments built in 2005. 92 apartments in total.

Bailey Street, Sheffield

Bailey Street, Sheffield. 113 apartments constructed in 2004/2005.

Mariner’s Point, Hartlepool

Mariner’s Point, Hartlepool. Consisting of 63 apartments overlooking the sea. These were completed in 2004/2005.

The Pinnacle, Wakefield

The Pinnacle, Wakefield. 163 quality apartments constructed in the centre of Wakefield. Completed in 2005.

Victoria View, Stockton

Victoria View, Stockton. Consisting of three buildings, two with 60 apartments each, totalling 120 luxury apartments overlooking the River Tees. Plus, a 20,000 sq.ft office block with swimming pool and leisure centre in the basement/ground floor. Completed in 2005.

Brackendale Mill, Thackley

Brackendale Mill, Thackley. Constructed in 2004. 75 apartments and 8 residential dwellings on site.

Carr Mills, Leeds

Carr Mills, Leeds. Conversion of existing mill into 75 apartments, 20 new build apartments and 300 student bedrooms. Constructed in 2004.

Sulzer, Stockton

Sulzer, Stockton. 5,000 sq.ft of office space and storage. Completed in 2004.

Teesside House, Stockton

Teesside House, Middlesbrough. A purpose built student accommodation block built in Middlesbrough consisting of 398 student bedrooms. Completed in 2004.

Bandland, Stockton

Bandland Music Store, constructed in 2003.

Centenary Mill, Preston

Centenary Mill, a conversion of an existing mill (one of the largest mills ever constructed in the North West), converted into 203 apartments in 2003.

Garland Building, Hartlepool

Garland Building, Hartlepool. A purpose built office block, 20,000sq.ft in Hartlepool. Completed in 2003 as part of the full redevelopment of Hartlepool Marina.

Wetherby House, Stockton

Wetherby House, Stockton. 8,000 square foot of office space. Completed in 2003.


Britannia House, Hartlepool

Britannia House, Hartlepool. Eight luxury apartments with retail below. Constructed in 2001/2002 as part of the redevelopment of Hartlepool Marina.

Clifton House, Stockton

Clifton House, Stockton, part of Teesdale South. On site there is 90,000 sq.ft. of high quality, purpose built office space overlooking the River Tees. Completed in 2002.

Pullman Court, Morley

Pullman Court, Morley. A development of 48 apartments, completed in 2002.

Teesdale South, Stockton

Teesdale South, Stockton. On site there is 90,000 sq.ft. of purpose built, high-quality office space with views of the River Tees. Completed in 2002.

Anchor Retail Park, Hartlepool

Anchor Retail Park, Hartlepool. New build retail park, approximately 85,000 sq.ft, built and let in 2001.

Navigation Point, Hartlepool

Navigation point, Hartlepool. Part of the redevelopment of Hartlepool Marina, 85 apartments and 70,000 sq.ft of retail space. Completed in 2001.

Navigator Court, Stockton

Navigator Court, Stockton on Tees. Approximately 30,000 sq.ft. of space. Completed May 2001.

Lock Office, Hartlepool

Hartlepool Lock Office and ancillary buildings converted and completed in 2000.

Hartlepool Marina

Hartlepool Marina. 22,000 sq.ft purpose built commercial units. Completed in 1998.

Regency Mews, Stockton

Regency Mews, Northallerton Market Town. Seven purpose built retail units and two apartments. Completed in 1998.

Westminster Place, York

Westminster Place, York, a development of 52,000 sq.ft purpose built office space on the ring road of York. Completed in 1998.

Enron, Stockton

Enron House, Stockton. 17,000 sq.ft of purpose built office space constructed in 1997.

Melbourne House, Newcastle

Melbourne House, Newcastle. This is a large site at the back of the quayside in Newcastle consisting of 54 apartments, 40,000 sq.ft of office space, a 60 car multi-storey car park and a 5,000 sq.ft leisure centre. This was constructed in 1997.

Sea Cadets, Hartlepool

Sea Cadets, Hartlepool. 10,000 sq.ft, two-storey building purpose built for the Sea Cadets in Hartlepool. Completed in 1997.

Clayton Court, Stockton

Clayton Court, Stockton, approximately 40,000 sq.ft of industrial space. Constructed in 1996.

Pearson’s Court, Stockton

Pearson’s Court, Stockton. Approximately 70,000 sq.ft of purpose built office space on Teesdale South in Stockton. Completed in 1996.

Robert’s house, Stockton

Robert House, Stockton. Purpose built 21,000 sq.ft office block. Completed in 1996.

Jackson House, Middlesbrough

Jackson House, Stockton. Fifteen luxury apartments completed in 1995.

Larchfield House, Darlington

Larchfield House, Darlington. A conversion of an existing Nunnery in 1994 into 22 dwellings.

Crofton Road, Stockton

Crofton Road, Stockton. A conversion of existing buildings approximately 40,000 square feet. Complete in 1993.

Abdeil House, Hartlepool

Abdiel House, Hartlepool. Eight luxury apartments with a restaurant. Completed in 1992.

Spring Leisure Centre, Harletpool

Springs Leisure Centre, Hartlepool. 25,000 square foot purpose built leisure centre. Completed in 1992.

Christine House, Stockton

Christine House, constructed in 1991 with the waterside next door, this was 20,000 square foot of offices and 52 apartments next door.

Hunters Building, Stockton

Hunters Building, Stockton. Originally purchased in 1988, was used as a bread factory, we converted it to small units, approximately 11,000 square feet.

Picture House Building, Billingham

Picture House Buildings, Billingham. A converted Picture House into 6 retail units, car show home and Billiard Hall. Converted in 1988.

Ramsgate House, Stockton

Ramsgate House, Stockton. Two purpose built retail units with apartments above. Completed in 1986.

Dovecot Street, Stockton

Dovecot Street, Stockton. Originally a printing mill, was converted into two retail stores with a bar in the basement and the upper floors were converted into offices. Since that, the upper floors have been converted into 10 luxury apartments. Originally converted in 1985.

Arkgrove Industrial Estate, Stockton

Arkgrove Industrial Estate, converted fabrication sheds in 1985.

Bowesfield, Stockton

Bowesfield Industrial Estate, a stand-alone unit, which includes office, warehouse and storage space. Completed in 1979.

Dock Mills, Shipley

Dock Mills, Shipley. A development of 38 apartments. Completed in 2007.